Underwear & Sock Club FAQ

So you are interested in joining one of our clubs, but have a few questions before you commit? We will try our best to answer any questions here. If you do not find the answer her please feel free to send us a Email or call us at (1) 587-521-0384

When will I receive my first order?

You're first order will be sent out as soon as it is processed. Your orders after that will be sent out on the first Tuesday of every month. 

What Brands Should I Expect?

We source our brands from all over the world. If you want to have a good idea of what you will receive have a look at our home page and all of our current brands are listed on the left side of the Page.

What if I am buying this as a gift for someone?

No problem at all just make sure that you put the recipient's name in the shipping address field when placing your order.

How do I know what Size to order?

With socks we go by shoe size so as long as you tell us your shoe size we will send you a pair that will fit you.

For Underwear it is by waist size

Small 29 to 31

Medium 32 to 34

Large 34 to 36

Extra Large 36 to 38