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Five Tips to Keep Your Underwear Looking New

Posted on May 29 2018

You pay good money for your underwear and we want to help you keep it looking and smelling fresh and new for as long as possible. Now of course we always recommend hand washing all your underwear we know that ain't nobody got time for that.

Tip #1

Turn your underwear inside out. Now to some this may be obvious, but unlike your other clothes, your underwear tends to stain on the inside. It will also help to keep any prints that you have on your underwear looking new.

Tip #2

Separate your underwear from the rest of your clothes. 

Tip #3

Cold Cold Cold, Use Cold water. Cold water is always the most gentle on your clothes. Hot water will only set stains in and wear down the fabric.  

Tip #4

If your washing machine has a delicate cycle use it. I know us guys don't want to think of our clothes as delicate but they are.

Tip #5

Hang dry your underwear! OK you probably don't have time for that either so try to use the lowest possible temperature that you can. A air-dry setting is best as there will be no heat used. 

All of these tips should keep your underwear looking and feeling new for longer. 





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